Patient Information

How it works:

Parent in Mind

Get a referral from your GP

Make an appointment with your GP to discuss your mental health concerns. Ask for a referral to Dr Cathrin Kusuma.

We will contact you

Your GP will send us the referral and we will review it  to make sure that Dr Cathrin Kusuma is the most appropriate doctor for you. We will then contact you to advise.  

Your appointment

You will be sent a reminder about your appointment 2 days prior to confirm.

Telehealth appointments:
You will receive a link just prior to the appointment via email or SMS. At your appointment time, click the link to connect to our secure and private online video session.

In person appointments:
Our address is Suite 102/149-155 Pascoe Vale Road, Moonee Ponds.  Take the elevator to the first floor, then turn left and continue to the end of the hallway. We are on the left hand side.


Information to support you before your appointment

It can be difficult to admit that you need help and seek the support you need. These feelings are understandable!
If you are feeling anxious about seeing a psychiatrist,  it may help to understand a bit more about what an appointment involves.
Below, I’ve put together some information and tips that may help you feel more comfortable.

  • If via Telehealth, I will email or SMS you a link shortly before your appointment. The link will connect you to a secure, private video appointment.
  • If in person, please arrive on time. If you have a young baby, you are welcome to bring them.
  • Have a private room to be in for your appointment.
  • Try to make the room as quiet as possible – turn off radios and TVs.
  • Have a comfortable chair/spot to sit while we talk.
  • If you have children, please arrange care in advance so you don’t get interrupted.
  • If you have a young baby, you are welcome to have them with you so you can feed or settle if needed. I also love to see the babies!
  • Avoid using the internet for other things at the same time (for example streaming TV, downloading movies or playing games).
  • Have some tissues and water nearby, just in case. It may feel strange, but please try and relax. I am open, friendly, and always non-judgmental. Your mental health is my priority and I will do everything I can to support you.
  • The first session is an opportunity to meet each other and for me to ask about your medical and psychiatric history.
  • I will ask lots of questions to get to know you and your situation and the reason you are seeing me.
  • Please be assured that there are no wrong answers and no judgement. If you are nervous or don’t know how to answer a question, that is absolutely fine. I will guide you through the questions and help wherever needed. 
  • Practical, non-medication ways to improve your situation
  • Discussion of what kind of talking therapy would be useful, and how frequently it is needed
  • Medication options if warranted
  • Other professional services which may be useful in your situation (eg GP, Maternal Child Health Nurse)
  • Any additional tests which may be required (eg blood tests, ECG)